Q-Lock Elements

Set-up the Jigs in Seconds!
Q-Lock Elements Saves Set-up Change Time Drastically!!

Q-Lock Elements enables to locate Jig plates in 3 microns repeatability!
Superb Precision in Work Holding!!


  • Quickest locating and clamping is possible with Nabeya Q-Lock elements
  • Face and Taper contact system guarantee high accuracy and rigidity
  • Repeatability for locating is within 3 Microns
  • Pins and bushes can be detached simply using lift-up function
  • Locating and clamping bushes can be inserted to jig plates
  • Locating dia. & clamping pins can be inserted to base elements
  • Position of locating bushes can be adjusted according to pin’s location

NABEYA manufacture 3 types of Q-Lock elements to suit all requirements

Screw Type

  • Tightening using wedge lock system
  • Available from small size like Dia. 45 mm.
  • Can firmly clamp small jig plates
  • Chip protector cover is standard accessory

Spring Type

  • Clamping by spring. Spring clamps avoids troubles such as oil leakage, changes of temperature and wire breaks
  • Can be automated by using holes for air blow and work seating confermation

Hydraulic Type

  • Clamping by hydraulic power
  • Can be automated by using holes for air blow and confirming work seating