Japan’s No. 1 Work Holding Solutions

Nabeya, founded by Okamoto family in 1560 is Japan's historical company, with one of the oldest foundry in Japan. With modern era of Machine Tools, Nabeya started industrial tools such as vises, clamps in 1940's with ERON brand.

Today NABEYA is Global Supplier of Work holding fixtures, Precision Machine Vises and Clamping elements for various applications. NABEYA products guarantee High Quality and Accuracies for parts production. They minimize production time with improved cutting speeds, set-up change time; improve productivity by quick parts changeover. NABEYA products increase profitability of customers and millions of such products are in operation globally

Nabeya Work Holding Solutions

Work Holding Base Elements

HMC, VMC mounted jig base elements, Tombstones
Available in 42 Types, 374 Models

Locating Elements

Locating components for precision measurement jigs, Grinding and precision holding applications. Available in 181 types and 1081 models.

Clamping Elements
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Hardening Steel clamps with rigid clamping. Available in 170 types, 1169 models.

Precision Machine Vises
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High precision clamping vises for 5-axis, Horizontal, Vertical Machining Centers and Grinding Machines;
Available in 36 Types and 479 models

Block Building System
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Precision T-slot tables, jig plates;
Available in 109 types, 877 models to meet diversified requirements

Modular System
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Patented Grid type precision assembly fixtures;
Available in 141 types, 757 models