S - Type

Head-Spindle Type Multiple-Spindle Heads

MIYAKAWA S Type Heads are extremely popular and were first in the world to be used by Japanese radial drill manufacturers since 1950s. All industry segments use them to improve productivity and drilling precision with each radial drilling machine. They are available in wide range for every radial drill application.


  • The spindles can be positioned at any places, where the gears are not interfered, except the central dead-zone.
  • Up to 6 spindles can be assembled in S-type head. In case of 5 and 6 spindles requirement please consult us.
  • High precision, rigid thrust bearings application allows drilling with closest possible pitch. Small models achieve compact space multi-position drilling
  • Gear ratio 1:1 allows machine spindle speed equal to drilling rpm
  • S-type models used in Vertical position and has gear box at bottom side
  • The collets for drills, taps are available in C-4, C-6, C-10 and C-13 spindles
  • MIYAKAWA has excellent delivery and spares support record for past 50 years!

Available Models


Min – Max Operating Range
S-96 10 mm – 100 mm
S-130 19 mm – 130 mm
S-160 19 mm – 160 mm
S-200 29.5 mm – 200 mm
S-204 29.5 mm – 200 mm