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Adjustable (Linear Slide) 2-Spindle Heads

MIYAKAWA Linear Slide Drilling/ Tapping heads are popular in various types of industries for its precision positioning and holding accuracies on parts machined.

  • Light Weight:
  • 1.7 kg.
  • Super Precision


  • Two spindles can slide in straight line individualy with each adjustable distance 50mm. They can be clamped respectively at any position in straight line.
  • Wide adjustable area to suit various drilling/ tapping requirements
  • The revolution ratio to the machine spindle is 1:1. Hence same machine rpm is applicable.
  • Lightweight yet rigid design
  • Quick spindle positioning is available by setting the pitch gauge between 2-spindles (Option)


  • Automobile parts
  • Electrical parts for House application
  • Industrial Electrical parts
  • Plastic parts

Model - 2 AJ100C

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Model - 2A- 2M180C- 10

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A - 180

A - 260

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