G - Type

Fixed Spindle Multiple-Spindle Heads

MIYAKAWA manufactures various kinds of fixed spindle type multiple-spindle heads. G-type has Rectangular or Square body shape and is popular in various types of drilling requirements and available in several models to suit diversified application requirements.


  • Super precision achieved through high precision jig borer machining of lower body, middle body with rigid construction
  • G-type spindle heads have less face area compared with round shape K-type. Hence G-type heads are ideal to avoid interference requirements.
  • G-type heads with side brackets are also available for guide applications. Side brackets can be mounted on all models and while ordering such precaution can be taken.
  • G-type spindle heads are widely used for compact special purpose machine requirements

How to Order

  • Confirm machine mounting (Quill size, Taper)
  • Confirm drilling, tapping size
  • Material for drilling, tapping
  • Spindles positions (Drawing)
  • Mounting dimensions (A,B,C,D,E & F)

Constuction Detaills

J  13 mm 2 M  19 mm 3 M 32 mm 4 M 40 mm 5 M 60 mm

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GH Type Gang Heads

GH Type Gang Heads

GH Type Gang Heads