E - Type

Fixed-Spindle Type Multiple-Spindle Heads

MIYAKAWA E-type multi-spindle models are economical with shorter delivery period. Used for light and medium duty cutting. These units are available up to 13 mm in drilling and M8 tapping.

  • Fixed Spindle
  • and
  • Economical


  • Automobile parts
  • Electrical parts for House application
  • Industrial Electrical parts
  • Plastic parts

Available Mountings

  • Bench type drilling, tapping machines
  • Auto feed type drilling, tapping units (Servo, Hydraulic feed)
  • Radial drilling machines
  • Drilling/ Tapping SPM machines

How to Order

  • Confirm machine mounting (Quill size, Taper)
  • Confirm drilling, tapping size
  • Material for drilling, tapping
  • Spindles positions (Drawing)
  • Mounting dimensions (A,B,C,D,E & F)
  1. Quill Diameter :A        Ø40.0 - Ø64.5mm
  2. Spindle Taper :F        J.T #1, #2, and #6

E - 077


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