MIYAKAWA a brand name in Japan for Multi-Head Drill/ Tap units is well known in Japanese, Asian industries for various Drilling, Tapping solutions in Automotive, Infrastructure, Electrical, Electronics, Ship Building etc industries.

MIYAKAWA manufactures a wide range of products in

  • Multi-Spindle Drilling/ Tapping Heads
  • Selfeeder Units Drilling/ Tapping Heads
  • Radial Drill machines Multi-Spindle Heads
  • Multi-Spindle Drill/ Tap units for special purpose machines, large machine units
  • Gantry type large size CNC Drilling/ Tapping Machines
  • Radius Chamfering Tools (Pneumatic, Electrical) (Hand Operated)
  • Radius Chamfering Auto-feed Units

Miyakawa Products

Multiple-Spindle Drilling & Tapping Heads

First choice in multi-spindle heads
Available in 15 Types with 200+ Models.

SUGINO Selfeeder Drilling/ Tapper

Ideal combination of World leading Drilling/ Tapping units with world leading Multi-Spindle heads.

Radius Chamfering Hand Tools
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Most suitable Pneumatic and Electrical Hand Tools for Ship Building, Fabrication Industries .

Radius Chamfering Auto-Feed Units
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Highly popular in Fabrication, Infrastructure, Building Industries .

Drill & Tap Units for Multiple-Spindle Heads
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SPM manufacturer’s & Customer’s first choice for rigidity and productivity.

Gantry Type CNC Drilling Machines
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Popular brand name in large size Drilling/ Tapping machines and automated sheet handling .